Spotlight on Spergel

Spergel started with a strong desire to offer up alternative approaches to deal with the debt problems being experienced by Canadian businesses including the availability of the recovery of previously paid taxes, the availability of additional financing and/or capital, and the multitude of potential restructuring solutions. Proposals and corporate restructuring, have proven to be alternative solutions to bankruptcy proceedings for corporate insolvency situations.

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  • Debt solutions
    “Stories” TV Advertisement
  • Consumer proposal
    Portrait” TV Advertisement
  • Bankruptcy
    “Fresh start” TV Advertisement
  • Personal insolvency
    “Avalanche” TV Advertisement
  • Debt consolidation
    “Climb out of debt” TV Advertisement
  • Consumer Proposal
    “Countdown” TV Advertisement
  • Bankruptcy
    “Bandaid” TV Advertisement


  • debt problems
    Trustee Colin Boulton: Warning Signs for Debt Problems
  • Consumer proposals
    Trustee Trevor Pringle: Consumer Proposals
  • Corporate restructuring
    Trustee Trevor Pringle: Corporate Restructuring
  • Corporate debt solutions
    Trustee Colin Boulton: Debt Solutions
  • Consumer Proposal
    Trustee Trevor Pringle: US Steel CCAA & Pension Implications
    CHCH interview