The Spergel Approach

At Spergel, we pride ourselves on providing understandable and affordable solutions for both large and small businesses as well as cost-effective realizations for institutional and private lenders. Our highly experienced team of insolvency professionals ensures that the client’s interests come first and that our approach optimizes the likelihood of achieving the desired results. We ensure that there is always full transparency with our clients by providing full and complete reporting at every stage of the engagement.

As licensed insolvency professionals, we are trained to recognize the early warning signs of financial difficulties for both large and small businesses. Meeting with us should be the first step a company takes to fully review the alternatives available. By acknowledging challenges early in the process and consulting a professional, an organization then has time to assess options in restructuring or refinancing and continue as a going concern, and avoid bankruptcy or liquidation. We can help your business overcome current financial difficulties and get a fresh start.

The benefit we provide to both institutional and private lenders is the ability to realize on your security in a cost-effective and timely manner. Given our experienced and dynamic team, when acting as both court-appointed and private receivers we have the flexibility to ensure your realizations are met on time and on budget.

We also have a long history of working in an advisory capacity to accountants, lawyers, and investors, to assist their clients who find themselves in financial difficulty. With over 25 years of experience, we provide financial reviews and strategic guidance to help your clients navigate their options as they relate to restructuring, informal arrangements, or formal insolvency options. If further formal statutory measures are required, we access our large network of stakeholders, such as lenders, lawyers, and taxation bodies to move the process forward quickly and efficiently.

If you or your business is in need of some guidance, we often begin our relationships with clients in an advisory role and we welcome sitting down with management to hear about the unique challenges of their business or with secured lenders to discuss the options available to them.

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