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Restructuring to Meet Your Business Needs

Our team of CPAs, lawyers, and forensic accountants can provide consulting services that include cash flow and financial statement preparation, forensic investigations, financing alternatives, shareholder loan securitization and monitoring services during shareholder disputes.

How can we help your business?

Spergel Strategic Solutions for Shareholder Disputes

Spergel has over 30 years of expertise helping corporations dealing with shareholder disputes. Whether your dispute stems from an income tax issue, legal advice, family law issue, unexpected business valuation, or a derivative action – we can act as an independent monitor reporting to both sides while the dispute is resolved.

Get Spergel’s help with a Proposal to your Creditors

A Division I Proposal may be the strategic solution your business needs to clear up a debt problem. With more than 30 years of insolvency expertise, Spergel’s Licensed Insolvency Trustees can help your business avoid bankruptcy by offering a lump sum or payment terms to your creditors, often for an amount less than is owing, and over a longer period of time to enable your business to budget repayments and manage cash flow. We offer a free consultation and can help with Canada Revenue Agency and income tax debt. Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, you will be entitled to a stay of proceedings which will buy you time to sort out your business debt problems.

Engage Spergel as a CCAA Monitor

Spergel’s experience as a Canadian Companies Arrangement Act (“CCAA”) monitor spans more than 30 years. Relief under the CCAA is available to you if you owe at least $5.0 million in debt. Restructuring proceedings commenced under CCAA can be beneficial to you if you need a lot of flexibility to restructure your business. Spergel can act as a monitor under the CCAA and assist you with restructuring your business under CCAA.

Engage Spergel as a Financial Advisor

Spergel’s experience as a Financial Advisor spans more than 30 years. We can act as a financial advisor to your business if you are experiencing debt problems, cash flow issues, or difficulty making payments to creditors, and can continue to act as your Financial Advisor if you decide to restructure your company.

We can assist you with the preparation of Cash Flow Forecasts

Whether your lender is requesting a cash flow forecast as part of their reporting, or you want a cash flow to get a better handle on your business, we can assist you with the preparation of a cash flow forecast for your company. We’ll review your current cash flow position and generate a cash flow forecast to help you move forward and determine your best options. Let us to help you understand why your business may be struggling to meet obligations.

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Serving many industries

With Over 30 Years of Small Business & Corporate Debt Help, Trust the Spergel Strategic Approach

Spergel Licensed Insolvency Trustees have over 30 years of experience developing business solutions for a wide range of industries. You can count on our small business and corporate debt help solutions that we’ve used to assist companies across various industries, including manufacturing, services, start-ups, and technology. We make it our business to understand yours and provide customized and cost-effective solutions.