Investigative Receivership

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Investigative Receivership Needs? We Can Help.

If you are a secured creditor seeking support during an investigative receivership, Spergel can help. With more than 30 years of expertise helping secured creditors and businesses navigate the investigative receivership process, we’ll ensure your needs and goals are met. Make things easier for yourself with the professional support you need.

How can we help your business?

Spergel Strategic Solutions – Investigative Receivership

Spergel’s Licensed Insolvency Trustees have more than 30 years of consulting and advisory experience that can help you in identifying situations where you can attempt to recover your security through an investigatory receivership. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees have assumed the role of receiver on many corporate files in the past. With our comprehensive strategic solutions approach, we can ensure the investigative receivership process brings additional potential recoveries to you as a secured lender.

Petition a debtor into bankruptcy with the help of a Spergel Bankruptcy Trustee

Canadian bankruptcy laws can be challenging to navigate. The bankruptcy process is simple, but case law changes frequently and our team stays up to date with what’s new with the superintendent of bankruptcy’s office. If you’re at the stage where petitioning someone into bankruptcy is your only option, we’ve got more than 30 years of experience acting as a Trustee reposting to all stakeholders.

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With Over 30 Years of Small Business & Corporate Debt Help, Trust the Spergel Strategic Approach

Spergel Licensed Insolvency Trustees have over 30 years of experience developing business solutions for a wide range of industries. You can count on our small business and corporate debt help solutions that we’ve used to assist companies across various industries, including manufacturing, services, start-ups, and technology. We make it our business to understand yours and provide customized and cost-effective solutions.