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Our seasoned professionals have a proven track record of providing successful and cost-effective enforcement services to secured lenders.

How can we help your business?

Appoint a Spergel Interim Receiver to protect your security interest

Spergel has over 30 years of expertise helping secured lenders as interim receivers to protect your security interest. If your client has filed for bankruptcy protection or filed a proposal, as an interim receiver, we can protect your secured assets in conjunction with the trustee from unlawful sale, transfer or disposal and maximize your recoveries.

We have acted as Investigative Receiver to review your security interest

Law firms may work collaboratively with investigative receivers to protect assets and discover any fraudulent activity that is suspected of a business. Spergel has over 30 years of expertise helping secured lenders protect their security. We believe in acting quickly, if your client has filed for bankruptcy protection, filed a proposal, or you are considering appointing a receiver to realize on your security, or you suspect unlawful sales, transfers or disposals, we can assist with the investigation as ordered by the courts with an investigatory receivership appointment. We also act as Investigative Receiver in situations where your client is not cooperating with the appointment of a consultant to perform a viability study.

Appoint Spergel as a Receiver and/or Receiver Manager

A secured creditor and a receiver or receiver manager have the same goal in mind – protecting your secured assets. Spergel has over 30 years of expertise helping secured creditors protect their security and maximize recoveries. If your client has defaulted on their obligations and you want to commence proceedings to realize on your security, we can help through either a private or court appointment as receiver or receiver manager.

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With Over 30 Years of Small Business & Corporate Debt Help, Trust the Spergel Strategic Approach

Spergel Licensed Insolvency Trustees have over 30 years of experience developing business solutions for a wide range of industries. You can count on our small business and corporate debt help solutions that we’ve used to assist companies across various industries, including manufacturing, services, start-ups, and technology. We make it our business to understand yours and provide customized and cost-effective solutions.