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CRA Debt? Your Business Needs a Spergel Strategic Solution

For more than 30 years, Spergel’s Licensed Insolvency Trustees have been assisting small business owners and corporate businesses with CRA debt solutions. Let us review your tax debt and recommend strategic business debt solutions, for both the company and the directors.

How can we help your business?

Get a Spergel Director Liability Review

Spergel has over 30 years of expertise helping small business owners understand director liabilities and how to strategically review your current personal obligations. We can explain what your obligations are, how to avoid legal issues and review your potential options for debt relief. We can also negotiate with Canada Revenue Agency to reduce the amount you owe and create a reasonable repayment plan.

Get help with your Section 160 Assessment

If you’ve been served with a notice of a Section 160 by the Canada Revenue Agency and don’t agree with the CRA’s assessment, Spergel has over 30 years of expertise helping business owners deal with Canadian tax issues and the income tax act. We’ve handled car appeals and much more, give us a call if we can help with your asset concerns.

Get Spergel’s help with Harmonized Sales Tax

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) can rack up penalties and interest very quickly, making it difficult to pay off. Spergel has more than 30 years of consulting expertise helping small business owners and corporations with taxation issues. Don’t understand why that input tax credit was denied? Can’t negotiate with Canada Revenue Agency on your own? Give us a call.

Deal with Payroll Liabilities efficiently with Spergel’s help

Spergel has more than 30 years of consulting expertise helping small business owners and corporations wind-up operations and close down. We have expertise closing down small business accounts with Canada Revenue Agency. If you’re a business owner who simply needs to catch up on federal income tax obligations, union dues, tax remittances, etc., we can help you develop the right strategy so that you don’t miss a pay period for your staff.

Amounts Outstanding to Employees

Employees can be tricky if money is running out. While winding down your business or restructuring, you still must deal with staff. We understand that you may have fallen behind in source deductions and may not know where money will come from for your final payroll run. Let us help you deal with outstanding amounts left to pay employees.

Employment Standards Act, Collective Agreement, Part Time, Termination of Employment, Vacation Pay

At Spergel we make it our business to know what to do if you’ve got employees. We will ensure that our advice is based on the Employment Standards Act, and that everything is wrapped up the way it should be. When it comes to employees, ask a Spergel Licensed Insolvency Trustee about everything from termination of employment to outstanding source deductions to vacation pay – we’ve got the expertise to help.

Get Spergel’s help with Audits and Objections

Spergel has more than 30 years of consulting expertise helping small business owners and corporations with audits and objections. We’ll review your assets and liabilities, complete any unfinished business with Canada Revenue Agency and help you with any audits or objections your business is facing.

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Serving many industries

With Over 30 Years of Small Business & Corporate Debt Help, Trust the Spergel Strategic Approach

Spergel Licensed Insolvency Trustees have over 30 years of experience developing business solutions for a wide range of industries. You can count on our small business and corporate debt help solutions that we’ve used to assist companies across various industries, including manufacturing, services, start-ups, and technology. We make it our business to understand yours and provide customized and cost-effective solutions.