Operational & Financial Restructuring

Our team of professionals is able to guide a company through a restructuring process that can help avoid an insolvency proceeding. Our team uses our over 25 years of industry experience to help tailor a restructuring process that meets your corporate goals.

We can provide operational solutions to implement restructuring procedures that fit your company goals. Whether that is attained from implementing Chief Restructuring Officers or reviewing cash management procedures, our team can use our industry knowledge and our large network to obtain the results desired for your company.

We also provide financial restructuring solutions to identify all options that can avail a company of any financial pitfall it could be facing. Whether it is negotiating with a creditor on a settlement or reviewing the financial implications of sourcing new money or compromising agreements, the financial tools at the disposal of our professionals can help alleviate the financial restraints currently on a corporation.

Our office offers many different solutions, which could include:

  • Profit Enhancement
  • Cash Management
  • Chief Restructuring Officers
  • Debt Buy Back
  • Compromise Agreements
  • Demergers
  • Debt Equity Swaps
  • Managed Exits
  • New Money Sourcing
  • Return Of Capital
  • Managed Exits
  • Creditor Settlements

No matter the problem, our team of professionals can tailor a corporate solution to your unique needs. Contact our nearest professional for more information.