Corporate Finance Services

We provide advisory and equity services which require innovative financial solutions. Our focus is working with financially challenged mid-size businesses with a moderate to highly levered financial structure that for valid business/economic reasons, including rapid growth, may be unprofitable. Our approach to helping our clients is to know and understand the business strategies being employed and to recognize that there are business cycles that provide opportunities and challenges. By gaining in depth knowledge of the business up front and on an ongoing basis, we are able to closely partner with our clients to identify, prepare for and work through these cycles.

Contact us if you have a client or a business that has one or more of the following characteristics and requires an innovative financing or equity solution:

  • Establishing and Executing a Strategy for Exit and Succession including Leveraged Buy Outs
  • Locating Sources of Capital and Corporate Value for Organic Growth and Strategic Alliances
  • Providing Advisory and Business Guidance

We will assist in preparing a comprehensive overview of a company’s financial and operating profile so that key company and business issues are defined and the optimum use of various levels of new capital is determined. We will assist clients when they have an opportunity to purchase a company/division and utilize the assets of the target as collateral to finance the transaction.

We will evaluate the business assets, whether on or off the balance sheet, in order to determine additional value that may be used as collateral for loans. After selecting the appropriate financial lenders for the client’s business, We will provide the business information memorandum in order to negotiate the required term sheet. As part of this service, we will assist the client in the delivery of key documentation.

We will provide general business guidance, assessment of financial proposals, which come before management and generally respond to problems. In addition, we will assist in merger and acquisition opportunities. This will include the preparation of business plans and financial budgets in a commercially acceptable format. We will assist a company in determining its value in order to sell, merge or acquire another company.